Monday, May 22, 2006

The Da Vinci Code and my boring life

I may lose some geek cred here but I saw the Da Vinci Code on it's first day here and enjoyed it. My sister and brother-in-law saw it separately and loved it.

Flawed, but much better than most reviews - The Da Vinci Code - 22% rotten. Ending has changed a bit from the book.

Went to a party Saturday. Late after half had gone home there was a dozen people sitting outside in a big circle of chairs talking. Someone brought a baggy of a socially unapproved drug - tobacco. Two people smoked pipes and one person a cigar in one cluster. I was reminded of a party thirty years ago with a different baggy full of mind-altering vegetable matter and part of the group sharing. What will the popular but socially disapproved drug be in 30 years?

The male host of the party is a real-life Captain Planet saving us from polluters. He recommended to find local recycling and disposal centers. He also says never to call him about someone dumping stuff on your property unless you can prove who it is - the property owner is responsible for clean-up.

Went to another small group meeting Thursday with majority females - four females and 2 guys. Artistic nerdy types - Artist Trading Cards also interested in SF&F. I discovered the difference between guy nerds and females is that females argue about Buffy and Charmed instead of Star Trek and Star Wars. Some art trading card sheets I need to revise for the next meeting are linked down the page here. The theme is really Apollo Con but the others think it is Space Babes for the first sheet and haven't seen the second photos yet.

These BattleStar GalacticSimpsons, thanks Ree-C, would make good Art Trading Cards.

MeMo is doing a little dance - she won an EPpy. If I link do you think she will she invite me to her party? I can do the Neutron Dance.

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Jill said...

We saw the Da Vinci Code on opening night, too. It was fun. :)