Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My brother sends this link to German Superhero 'Robin Hoods' giving the poor a taste of luxury. Mass invasions of luxury shops and restaurants where they take the goods and pass them out outside.

That reminds be of this past Saturday's long party where "Captain Planet" discussed what if Superheros acted like government bureaucrats as he has to do - please fill out this paperwork in triplicate and stand in this line. I'm sorry, you are in the wrong line.

Related to a Monty Python sketch of a world where everybody wears a superhero costume everyday and then when they get an everyday job they can handle they dash around the corner and into their work clothes - "I'm Bicycle Repair Man, let me fix that for you little girl."

Houston PBS had recently been showing the new compilation clips highlighting a particular Python player. The John Cleese hour, available on DVD described here, was particularly good.

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