Monday, June 26, 2006

After ApolloCon

I made it through ApolloCon but Ree-C didn't make it. See my comment in Boldly Go.

A big increase in the number of people with the Houston Browncoats providing some of that. I am still tired from staying up all one night manning the Con-Ops room, some assisting with set-up and take-down Friday and Sunday, the two panels I was on, and the assisting in the game room.

In terms of fun, I did get into a Mage LARP and I know another Firefly LARP made. Two new games looked interesting and I played one - Smugglers of the Galaxy but never made the Hunting Party. I did finally play Star Settlers of Catan (can't find a link) and saw demonstration set-ups of Civil War Risk which is under development locally. The Gaming Room was never empty. Many beautiful, intelligent, friendly and creative women were at the Con. I wore my mage costume Saturday evening despite the sleeves trying to sweep parts of boardgames away.

My legs and feet are sore in addition to the tiredness, stage equipment and art panels can be heavy.

I picked up a free pass for two to the crossword puzzle movie WordPlay tonight.


Gary said...

And typically managed to lose the pass. I think it fell where carrying stuff to the car but I was tired then and it may just have been left.

Gary said...

Helped when I put the right name on it: Starfarers of Catan.