Thursday, August 17, 2006

Computer Games for Women, or Girls

Cute Knight (Kishi Kawaii)

Guide a young woman to her destiny in this unique fantasy role-playing game
A young woman seeks her destiny, and the truth about her past in this roleplaying game from Hanako Games. Beneath the city lurks a deadly dungeon full of perils and treasure. But most of the action and tough decisions take place when the young woman is in and around town, trying to find her place in this life and unravel the mystery of her past. Find romance, find a job to pay for fighting lessons, or spend time as a street musician learning your trade and playing for tips....

Everyday decisions such as where to work, what to learn in school, or how to handle one's social life has an effect not only upon your short-term wealth and well-being, but has long-standing ramifications in what your character will eventually become as she reaches full adulthood.

There are over 50 possible endings, from warrior to barmaid to princess and plenty in-between. The dungeon beneath the city, and events that occur during the game, and the items that can be found are all different every time you play. This is a game that is designed with replayability in mind, so there is plenty of fun and excitement to be had.....

"Breaking away from the typical puzzle and casual games that come to mind when many people think of the female video game audience, Cute Knight is an RPG game aimed at women, but with enough features and intrigue that most anyone can find it enjoyable." - GameTunnel

2005 Game Tunnel RPG game of the year.
Free demo download or full game at $19.95.


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