Friday, March 02, 2007

Talk about rich! Gold-dusted brownie costs $1,000

Talk about rich! Gold-dusted brownie costs $1,000
The brownie at dessert-only restaurant in The Quarter at Tropicana Casino and Resort is made with hazelnuts imported from Italy, topped with gold dust, served with a vintage port wine in a $750 Baccarat crystal that the dessert-eater gets to keep as a souvenir. Like the other offerings at the restaurant, it's served with two other courses of dessert.

"You have this beautiful atomizer filled with the finest port known to man, pastry chef Jemal Edwards told The Press of Atlantic City. You take a bite of the brownie, and as the flavors are coating your palate, your partner squirts the port onto your tongue. The acidity and sweetness from the port are hitting your mouth at the same time."
Jim and Amy sent that.

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