Friday, March 02, 2007

Entertainment becomes politics

I am getting more political films on my list of movies and DVDs to see.

Next Up - Nader is An Unreasonable Man.

American Blackout is on my DVD list. HBO just did a raw Abu Ghraib (YouTube) documentary.

Iraq for Sale and the War Tapes (trailer) and Taking the Hill are also on DVD and Democracy for America groups have been watching them.

Amy B. also recommends the Best Foreign Language Film now available in Houston.

Other movies - Ghost Rider, just weird and different enough to eat popcorn to and laugh and laugh.

AMAZON Best Pop Political DVD's.

For some reason my next DVD I watch might be Natural Born Killers - $5.50 at WalMart in store, higher online. I wasn't thinking when I bought it, it may be a censored for WalMart version. (Worst example I bought from them was "Y Tu Mama Tambien?" which was not marked on the box but was both edited and had a different ending. Both WalMart and Blockbuster do that slice and dice without notifying the customer.)

Under a new project you can also go to a big movie theater and catch Grand Opera live on high-definition TV as Garrison Keillor did.

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