Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I was doing years ago at this time and place

This came about because I know there was a post in here about children's shampoos in fish shaped bottles with mango and other flavors scents. (Kids, don't drink your shampoo, you'll regret it.) Blogger and Google can't find it and I've given up. While looking for that post I found that:

Four years ago in this blog turned out to be about politics. I've posted it here now contrasting today's presidential race scene. In other political news, Bush declared almost exactly four years ago he knew Iraq was free because he had just appointed their ruling council. More obvious White House lies and revisionist history had to be debunked on my political blog.

Three years ago I was thinking about monorails, magnetic pole reversals and sunspots. In politics, I was about to post more about Bush lying about being AWOL. In imaginary politics, the Democratic Republic of Easter Lemming was declared.

Two Years ago I had a post praising the health benefits of chocolate. I was also moving and returned to political blogging with a note from Krugman on how the unemployment statistics need to be almost doubled.

Last year tacos were on my mind and I saw a good play that had a lousy review. In politics, I urged people to adopt 400,000 frozen embryos and was concerned about the coming war with Iran. I also reviewed the history of American porn on the screen and mentioned Marines wanting a space plane. Lastly, I saved a long essay on how do you recognize a poem?

That's a lot of blogging. My five-year anniversary is coming up.

EXTRA - I found the shampoo if not the post. That's good stuff.

L'Oreal Kids > Reviews > Aww they're sooo worth it!

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