Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The I-phone early adopter tax and other financial pitfalls UPDATE

Price drops $200 in 90 days. Some people don't understand the process and are mighty teed-off. People can now get a $100 gift card as a half-apology. They have quickly sold a million of the suckers with the advanced touch screen.

I tried to close my account at Bank of America the other day. All of the extremely young people at the branch weren't sure how to do it so I left $10 in it and figured I would close it this week. Over the weekend BofA just charged me another $35 fee.

My problems with BofA Sucks started from the beginning of the year when BofA realized they do longer offered my type of free checking account, and retroactively billed me the monthly fees they were supposed to charge when they changed my account type.

The $35 fee was for an overdraft - except when I was at the branch and paid the $20 fee for the $7 previous overdraft they didn't say there would be another $35 for another $3 overdraft they were going to apply. Escalating overdraft fees which wouldn't occur except for their overdraft fees.

I had decided to drop BofA both because of their incredibly bad customer service, the reduction in the number of their ATMs, and their policies on subprime mortgages and other national issues that are bad for the economy. Also their bank fees have become a legal bank scam on actions that cost the bank about $2 to take.

Should I pay the $15 $25 they say I still owe or let them spend much more on trying to get money out of me that I would refuse to pay? I could try to ask for a refund of the last fee but their managers are discouraged from giving it.

A lot of people hate BofA, maybe you should too?

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