Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hmmm, Order of the Stick

I can't decide if I am interested in this comic or not. Here is number one. Looks like it has improved some.

I saw the game based on the comic being played at OwlCon XXVII this past weekend.

How was the Con?

I won a couple card games, bad B-movies, as prizes based on winning Imperial and picked up some other games plus a free t-shirt and free attendance. I was too late showing up to play Puerto Rico Sunday, which I think I could have won, but the GM wanted to play. I managed to spend only $13 on parking but spent almost two hours walking to the truck the three days. One of my games didn't make and in the other I taught a kid and his father Star Wars Pocket Models with my new vinyl maps. I played original rules just to get the game over quicker.

I had problems with Sunday GMs. First, one would not let me play the second game of Puerto Rico because he wanted to play in it and he wasn't a very good player. Not good GM etiquette. A second GM never showed up Sunday for Axis and Allies. The third GM decided he had to leave after introducing us to another game and would let someone else run the second game and abandon the players, after not finishing the first move in a game he didn't know well. That other person, I guess the fourth GM, then decided he had other things to do to before he started the game after the end of his friend's game. I had much better luck finding some ladies for some short pick-up games later Sunday in another room.

I spent over $70 on games including a prize I bought for the kid playing the game I GM'ed. I didn't have to, the Con was providing prizes, but I wanted to give something associated with the game. I avoided picking up Dust which looked like my type of game if I could find other players interested in playing it. I did pick up Zombie Fluxx, like Fluxx, but with Zombies. (Shazzam! I knew I was getting cheated on the price, how about almost double the list price at the con - $25 vs. $15?) I also picked up Modern Art which I heard good things about. Ditto for Lunch Money, a very nasty card game about knocking school kids out to take their money. So, I missed out on playing Puerto Rico and couldn't find anyone to play 1960: The Making of the President. I also missed the LARPs, too tired and I had to work Friday night overnight. Not bad for a con I went to at the last minute after they said they had some GM openings left. I also managed to drop off a hundred yellow flyers for ApolloCon.

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John D. said...

Small world! As a reader of SF Signal, you should know that one of our buddies (who lives here in Houston as well, btw) is the owner of Ape Games and he was the game designer for the Order of the Stick game. He saw that BoardGameGeek picture as well and was thrilled, to say the least.