Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Brother's Latest Short Film

This is what happens when you spend 20 hours shooting and have to take 2hours and 24 minutes of film and edit it down to 3 minutes in 3 days.Please click on the link and don't forget to vote.

Thanks, Jim

The "director's cut" of the film will be 5-6 minutes in length. However, the contest only allows for a 3 minute time limit. So if you are not in the contest version of the film, you will most likely be in the director's cut. That film will also be uploaded after the contest ends on 02-29-2008. I am also working on showing the director's cut early next month downtown, I will update everyone about that later.

Please go to to watch, vote and comment on our film. We need lots of votes (hits to the video don't count - just votes and any positive comments are appreciated).

Thanks again to everyone for their support!


SYNOPSIS: Four survivors, one house and a chance to make one LAST STAND against an unstoppable evil.

This three minute short film titled, LAST STAND, was conceived, written and produced specifically for the George A. Romero Diary of the Dead Video Competition. LAST STAND was written and directed by Texas filmmaker Wayne Slaten and is a FIRE PIG PRODUCTIONS team effort.

The film stars Matthew Carter, Donna Calleja, Norris Thompson and Laura Schlecht.

LAST STAND : Entry for the Diary of the Dead Video Competition

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