Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't save pull tabs, save the whole can.

The Bottom Line: No charitable organization will pay out a premium (in cash, goods, or services) for pull tabs from aluminum cans. Some of them will indeed accept donations of pull tabs, but all they pay (or receive) in exchange for those tabs is their marginal value as scrap aluminum. Anyone gathering pull tabs for charity would do far better to collect whole cans; accumulating nothing but pull tabs is like eschewing quarters in order to collect pennies.

(From time to time, various companies will run programs under which they offer to donate money to charities in exchange for consumers' collecting and returning some item of product packaging [e.g., pull tabs, boxtops, wrappers], but such companies only accept packaging from their own products, and their object in operating these programs is to promote and advertise their brands.)

Next time someone asks you to donate a few pull-tabs for a good cause, donate a few facts instead. You'll be doing everyone a favor. --- SNOPES

The Ronald McDonald program does mention some advantages of pull tabs, they are cleaner and more compact. What they don't say is that 700 pull tabs are only worth around a quarter. Turning in over 700 cans would give a charity around $10.00.

Here is a website for nearby recycling locations - get cash for your cans. Charities appreciate cash a lot more than cans or pull tabs.

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