Sunday, August 03, 2008


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We have a chance of a hurricane, or a strong tropical storm Tuesday. Tropical storms can be just as bad from the flooding. Here's the latest news. Here's Eric the science guy. Here is up to date weather maps. Looks like we have been upgraded to a hurricane warning at 10 PM.

Preparations for a storm, now or in the morning -

• Board up windows.
• Set freezer and refrigerator to coldest settings to help food keep longer without electricity.
• Fill bathtubs with water for cleaning and flushing toilets, but keep small children supervised around them.
• Remove all loose objects from the backyard.
• Charge cell phones and locate car chargers.
• Program emergency contact numbers into phone.
• Choose one central contact outside the storm area so family members can communicate.
• Store important documents in waterproof containers.
• Store at least 1 gallon of water per person daily for at least three days.
• Purchase three days worth of nonperishables, such as canned meats, fruits and vegetables that require no cooking. Make sure you have a hand-held can opener.
• Fill up cars with gas.

Other news

After a 16 year hiatus Judith Moffat concludes her trilogy. The sad state of the book publishing industry today is that there was no interest from any publisher for this critically acclaimed writer. More here, It was a startling event when she realized she had to self-publish the concluding volume of two notable NY Times books. Here is the Amazon link.

Kansas fundamentalists objections to the theory of the periodic table.

Classic Ubergeek games via internet.

The classic Elfquest comic is available free online.

I've downloaded an Esperanto course - Kurso de Esperanto 3. Maybe some day if I keep it on my desktop I'll start it. Learning is supposed to take two weeks.

Nearly everyone is interested in the presidential campaign news - getting it from traditional media, not so much.

A seat at the last lecture. Are you lying to yourself and others about eating your vegetables?

Astronomers Spy Earth-like Planet Forming Around Distant Star. Rumors about life or "conditions related to life" being found on Mars.

Can you pass the Idiot test?

Hollywood is turning to web videos. (written before Joss Whedon's hit.)

The TOP 100 Wine Sites. Best free place to learn to home brew.

Is lambic beer as good as wine?

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