Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Bit of Pratchett

The order to read the Discworld books - not by publication date. Although I am impressed by the scale of his cliff hanger in the first Discworld - The Color of Magic (made into a very good DVD).

A Review of Pratchett's latest - but I think Monstrous Regiment is one of the poorest unlike the reviewer. MR is not bad, I haven't read a bad Pratchett even the first two and even the prior science fiction books before he started the Discworld series - see biblio MR is almost a stand alone and he was ticked off about the Iraq war and decided to take it out on war in general.

Here is the first verse of five of what I think is his only published poem.

The Secret Book of the Dead

They don't teach you the facts of death,
Your Mum and Dad. They give you pets.
We had a dog which went astray.
Got laminated to the motorway.
I cried. We had to post him to the vets.

That was from a limited edition book by Neil Gaiman and others like Pratchett that was very rare but has since been reprinted - Now We Are Sick.

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